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1605, 2018

The Prussman Hour – 05/16/18

Stacey and Angela were joined on location (their hotel room) by Compound Media’s Mornin Hosts Bill Schulz and Joanne Nosuchinsky. The sweet South Jersey wine was flowing and they discussed how Joanne and Bill met on The Redeye on Fox, how Bill never hits on women and barely realizes when he’s being hit on, and how Stacey and Joanne have both dated sexually ambiguous men. Angela talked about her Bumble date. Joannes recurring role on #Gotham and the amazing charity she’s working with. The 2018 All-Stars Project Bowl-A-Thon and how she’s half way to her goal so donate donate donate! And so much more. #compoundmedia #morninshow #tph #theprussmanhour #radiomisfits #mornin’ @billschulz @jonosuchinsky