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Minutia Men – Should Bezos Eat the Mona Lisa?

Bezos eating the Mona Lisa, a gruesome Slip N Slide side effect, the most memorable meal, a Brazilian Bobbit, a 24-hour-stay at the Waffle House, and a brush with Jesse Owens is the discussion by Rick and Dave. [Ep233]

The Mr Nailsin Show – Tunnel Of Love!

Doug reviews the week. A couple gets busted for sex acts on a playground. Big Daddy gets cured of his Bee-Man persona but Night Knight remains unconvinced. A Florida woman visits a Circle K store without pants. [EP363]

The Wine Makers – Drive Wines

How nice was it for the whole team to gather outback of the Sixteen600 Tasting House for a chat with John Musto and Tom Young from Drive Wines.  These guys make some really nice wines and we actually got to taste some of their original garage-made that aren’t for sale.  But don’t worry as they have plenty of great wines on their list and these are Micro-production, single-vineyard wines too.  This is another great Sonoma area success story that started out in an old race car garage that ended up well.  A beautiful day in Sonoma and an awesome show.  Enjoy [EP195]

Email -> john@  tom@

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook -> @drivewines

Destination Eat Drink – Little Havana in Miami with Robyn Webb

Miami’s Little Havana neighborhood is filled with great spots to explore for the foodie traveler. We try Cubano sandwiches, plantain tostones, and cool off with a mojito. Plus, we learn about the coffee culture of the local ventanitas with foodie tour guide Robyn Webb of Miami Culinary Tours [EP133]

Show Notes:
Miami Culinary Tours website
Ball & Chain website
El Pub restaurant website
Robyn’s Paris tour company

Wine Women – Rachel LeRoy, HipMaps

“Your wines are grown where?” may be a question frequently heard by winery tasting room staff from their visitors. This is where our guest comes into the picture: Rachel LeRoy, founder and chief map designer at HipMapsTM, helps winery customers understand what makes each ones’ wine unique by providing visual maps of where the grapes are grown.

Guests may not understand weather patterns that are unique to a winery’s Pinot Noir vineyard near the Sonoma Coast. Other wineries may wish to highlight the age of their vines or elevation on a mountain top as an important characteristic of their wine. All of the details may become vastly simpler for winery guests to understand with the visual aid of a map depicting these features.

These visual tools may be one of several aides sales staff employ to help close the sale or persuade guests to join their wine club. Beautiful, custom maps can be yet one more tool in the marketing toolbox to reinforce a brand’s identity. They help customers better understand a winery’s offering and price points, as well as conveying key details, such as a winery’s sense of history and tradition versus streamlined, modernistic design notes.

How did Rachel end up in wine country, having grown up on a Vermont dairy farm? As she told the hosts, she’s always been intrigued by maps and globes from early childhood. Her Bachelor of Arts’ Environmental Science degree studies offered her course work in […]

GWIA – Brigette McReynolds Pt.1

This is one of the most fascinating interviews I’ve ever heard when it comes to chronic pain and illness. Our guest Brigette McReynolds, was living a life of desperation and pain with debilitating migraines and fibromyalgia. By sheer luck she found a truly comprehensive and compassionate chronic pain program at Kaiser Permanente and it led to her enlightenment and truly significant changes in pain levels that have changed her life. Join us to find out more about her journey and how it can apply to you right now. Amazing! Enjoy and learn. [EP3]

Back 2 You – A Whole Bunch of Manure

Stories about manure, Broadway show tunes, cocktail parties, and you’ll see how Howard and Steve connect the dots between all of this. Only on Back 2 You! (Ep86)

Free Kicks – Watching the Euros

With every team now having seen action, Rick and Adam rate the European Cup teams, and preview what to expect over the next few rounds! [Ep119]

RTA – Dr. Lindsay Hoffman

“How much further down this abyss of complete hatred of each other are we willing to go. And for what?” –  Dr. Lindsay Hoffman

Today I interviewed Dr. Lindsay Hoffman.

Dr. Lindsay Hoffman joined the faculty of the Department of Communication at the University of Delaware in September 2007 after receiving her Ph.D. from The Ohio State University. Her research examines how citizens use internet technology to become engaged with politics and their communities. She also studies individual and contextual effects of media on individuals’ perceptions of public opinion; the effects of viewing political satire on knowledge and participation; social capital and communication; and factors leading to public-affairs news use.

Dr. Hoffman’s research is theoretically grounded in political communication, mass communication, and public opinion. Her work emphasizes both the social circumstances and psychological predispositions that influence individual media uses and effects. Her research also examines the components of mediated messages that encourage individuals to participate in — or distance themselves from — political activities such as voting, news viewing, or simply expressing opinion.

Dr. Hoffman holds a joint appointment in the Department of Political Science and International Relations, and is the Associate Director of the Center for Political Communication. She is also the Director of the annual National Agenda Speaker and Film Series. She teaches courses in political communication, politics and technology, media effects, and research methods.

In this episode we speak about how:

How she gets people to interact with others outside their political bubbles.
Her experience being […]

And Friends – YOU Review ME?! No, I Review YOU!

Stiletto Crocs seem to be a thing now, sex talk turns out to be the worst game of the battle of the sexes, and how long has it been since Prince Phillips been dead? Tommy, Samuel, and Kimmy only on “And Friends!” (Ep94)