Casual, comedic conversations in the back corner of the National Radio Hall of Fame floor within the Museum of Broadcast Communications in downtown Chicago.


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Lossano And Friends – 10/16/18

Ep100: Danielle Tufano (Mackay in the Morning / 95.9 The River), Doug Sohn (Hot Doug’s) on the big 100th episode of Lossano and Friends!  That and so much more!!!

Lossano and Friends! – S4 Premiere

Ep99: John Records Landecker (Radio Professional), Meredith Kachel (Late Late Breakfast) in the 4th season premiere episode of Lossano and Friends!  That and so much more!!!

Lossano and Friends! – Ginger Zee

Ep98: Tony Lossano sits down with Ginger Zee, chief meteorologist for ABC News, and talks about her new book Natural Disaster: I Cover Them. I am One.

Lossano and Friends! – SNL

Ep97: Tony Lossano sits down with Mark Lach, the Creative Director of Premier Exhibitions, to talk about his latest exhibit, Saturday Night Live: The Experience, at the Museum of Broadcast Communications!

Lossano and Friends! – Tom Dreesen

Ep96: Tony Lossano sits down with legendary comic, Tom Dreesen, as he tells his stories from his days as the opening act for Frank Sinatra, his comedy partner Tim Reid, a friendship with David Letterman, his fight for fathers, plus more!

Lossano and Friends! – Dick Biondi

Ep95: The best moments from legendary disc jockey, Dick Biondi on Lossano and Friends! Featuring WGN-TV’s Larry Potash, Museum of Broadcast Communications founder Bruce DuMont, Chicago Tribune’s Tracy Swartz, Minutia Men’s Rick Kaempfer, and Dream for Kids’ Tom Tuohy and the LAF crew!

Lossano and Friends – John Records Landecker

Ep94: New Radio Hall of Famer John Records Landecker, along with his daughter, Amy Landecker.  Plus farts, tampons, dirty babies, dating, and much, much MORE!!!

Lossano and Friends! – Sirott and Murciano

Ep93: Chicago TV & Radio personalities Bob Sirott and Marianne Murciano talk about being Cubs fans, making healthy meals at home and what’s the deal with hashtags… And much much MORE!!!

Lossano and Friends! – 05/14/17

Ep92: Tony Lossano, Vickie Eisenstein, Evie Olson, Jen DeSalvo and Chris Cwiak wraps-up season 3 of Lossano and Friends!  They talk about Steve Harvey’s harsh memo to his staff and how he might have a point, why the generation after the Millennials should be called Snappers, Ronnie “Woo Woo” getting kicked out of Wrigley Field, the Teletubbies takes over Charlie Brown & Snoopy, the president eats more than his guests, Miley Cyrus has a new song out that Tony likes a lot, Vickie has not seen Martha Quinn at the vegan meetings, and so much more!!!

Lossano and Friends! – 05/07/17

Ep91: Legendary talent, John “Johnny Records” Landecker and Rich “Svengoolie” Koz chat about appearing in the Dick Tracy comics, being part of a big movement along with Caitlyn Jenner, the real dangers of chicken throwing, goofing off in the White House, again with the Hot Crotch, plus the LAF podcast team reunion, and so much more!!!