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2203, 2020

Fake News Fairytale - Ken Burns "The Quarantine"

COVID-19 has the entire country under lockdown. Several states have issued "Shelter In Place" orders, which have millions of people sitting at home with absolutely nothing to do. Please wash your hands and practice social distancing as we look forward to the inevitable Ken Burns documentary on PBS after this is all over.

Penelope: Misty Callahan
Gwendolyn: Bethany Winter
Rusty: Greg Broderick
Narrator: Josh Buckhalter

Written By: Keith Conrad

1804, 2018

Fake News Fairytale - The King, The Barrister & The Performance Artist

The citizens of a far off kingdom are shocked to their core when they learn of allegations made against their king and his court by the town's performance artist.

Villager: Eric Geders
Villager: Dave Stripling
Town Crier: Sean Magers
King: Justin Kosek
Narrator: Jen DeSalvo

Written by: Keith Conrad