Nick chats with the great Jason Skaggs: commercial writer/producer, voice-over artist, musician, composer & creator of ALL of the Nick D Podcast theme songs, music bumps, jingles, audio bits and more. They talk about his history in the business, from the early days thru the years at WGN-AM, until now. We also hear a lot of his incredibly weird, funny and award-winning work from over the years. The Skaggs mysteries are solved in a really terrific interview. You can meet Skaggs at Zanies in Rosemont on November 15th for The Nick D Podcast LIVE event, where he will be performing many of his themes and songs on stage! Then Esmeralda Leon is back from Iceland! Nick and Esma discuss the wedding she attended, and her adventures in Reykjavik and beyond (and the upcoming live event in Rosemont)!! [EP85]