Nick welcomes Music Journalist Jim Ryan to the podcast to talk about his interviews with comedian Fortune Feimster, musicians Buddy Guy and Kerry King (from Slayer), and Chicago musician/pro-wrestling promoter Billy Corgan. Plus, they talk about getting hurt in mosh pits, bad comedians selling out arenas, Oates jamming without Hall, and how absolutely amazing and vital Devo still are, after 50 years. Then, Esmeralda Leon and Nick finish up their taste tests from The Baltics, talk about how cicadas (AKA: Land Shrimp) just wanna get laid, how canned veggies are just as good as fresh veggies, and brown-shelled eggs are exactly the same as white-shelled eggs….and Nick talks about his next ‘Nick’s Pix’ movie screening at the Lake Theater in Oak Park: The Who’s “TOMMY,” reserve your seats here: [EP245]