Nick talks about his upcoming “Nick’s Pix” screening of “Streets of Fire” (on May 8th at The Lake Theater in Oak Park Il), chats with AAW Pro’s Dr. Keith Lipinski about all things Pro-Wrestling (including the latest from the WWE, AEW, the Independents, and more), and welcomes Mike Kerz from The Midway Drive-In, to talk about the 45th anniversary of the release of The Greatest Zombie Film Ever Made: “Dawn of the Dead.” Nick is hosting the incredible 4 movie, Dusk Til Dawn George A. Romero Zombie Event at The Midway Drive-In on Saturday, May 18th….and you will hear all of the gory details. Plus, Esmeralda Leon and Nick taste more snacks from The Baltic, swallow a giant white soda pill, and learn all about “Friends Day!” [EP241]