Nick welcomes the TV critic from The Hollywood Reporter and The Fien Print, Dan Fienberg, to the podcast to talk about the latest in television. He reviews new shows like “Palm Royale” with Kristen Wiig, “Jarrod Carmichael Reality Show,” and “The Girls on the Bus.” Nick and Dan also talk about the “Top Chef” season premiere, the latest episode of Dan’s podcast: “TV’s Top 5,” and who played Abe Lincoln the best? Then, Esmeralda Leon and Nick talk about their history of cell phone purchases and experiences, and that leads to a discussion about the trauma of getting a new phone (Nick had to get a new one very recently), and how the character of Nick Burns from SNL, really does exist in cell phone stores across the country. They also continue their snack journey through Ukraine, by taste testing some chewy, bubblegum flavored candies. [EP231]