Nick welcomes film critics Erik Childress and Steve Prokopy to the podcast to review the new movies “Love Lies Bleeding,” “Arthur the King,” and Michael Keaton’s latest “Knox Goes Away,” and Erik talks about his time at the recent SXSW Film Fest, where he saw movies like “Road House,” “Babes” and “The Fall Guy,” but spent most of his time waiting in lines for hours. Then, Esmeralda Leon drops by to chat about her recent trip to “The Butt of Mexico” where she encountered all kinds of lizards, mosquitos, scorpions and more. Nick and Esma also discuss 10 amazing facts about Mexico like: Mexico City is slowly sinking into the water, kids don’t get presents on Christmas there, and, it is home to the World’s Largest Tamale (which weighs over 150 lbs.) Plus, they taste test more Universal Yums snacks from France. [EP228]