Nick welcomes back to the podcast, Dan Fienberg from The Hollywood Reporter and The Fien Print, to talk all about television, including “Feud: Capote Vs. The Swans,” “Mr. and Mrs. Smith,” the terrible choices SNL has been making lately, and the increasing annoyance of streaming with ads (and a rant from Nick about Netflix sending expensive swag packages to any idiot with a social media account, thus raising their monthly subscription fees). Then, Esmeralda Leon and Nick talk about the Super Bowl and the commercials, which leads to an all-out blast of a discussion about the sublime of idiocy of “The Morning Zoos” of radio, complete with wacky sidekicks (there’s gotta be a guy named ‘Toad’ out there), prank phone calls, and farting sound effects….YEAH MAN! And, they finish their taste-test snack tour of Poland. [EP219]