It is the 200th episode of The Nick D Podcast, and Nick celebrates by looking back at many past episodes, and playing some memorable interviews from guests like actors Stephen Tobolowsky, Leo Rossi, Malcolm Danare, and David Dastmalchian. Also featured, are interview clips from singer/songwriter Suzanne Vega, writer/director Laura Moss, pro-wrestling legend Al Snow, Buffalo Tom frontman and author Bill Janovich, and the hilarious Josh Robert Thompson. Then, Esmeralda Leon and Nick share some stories as they reminisce about the past 200 episodes before they are visited by British Game Show Host Slap Slapply for a special edition of “80s-90s Trivia Madness,” in which they learn about Slap’s whereabouts on the day Christ was born, how he was actually a tuba player in the group Wham!, and they find out what “Apple Bottom Jeans” really are. A hilarious and memorable look back at 200 great shows and a preview of more to come. [Ep200]