In this special “Halloween Spooktacular” edition of the podcast, Nick welcomes the incredibly talented Josh Robert Thompson, the creator and voice of Geoff Peterson: the gay, robot, skeleton sidekick to Craig Ferguson from “The Late Late Show.” Josh is also an amazing impressionist, a gifted voice-actor, and a hilarious writer and comedy performer, who also happens to be the biggest horror fan in the world. Nick and Josh talk about his time with Craig Ferguson, and then they deep dive into Josh’s love of horror, dating back to his childhood watching “Big Chuck & Little John” on local TV, to his video rental days, to his current obsession with all things scary. They also pick some of their favorite horror films, and analyze everything from the “Halloween” series, to the gore films of the 80s. It’s an in-depth conversation that is perfect for Halloween. Then, Esmeralda Leon picks her three favorite scary movies, talks about bad childhood costumes, and Nick’s Dad Tells a Joke  [Ep190]