Nick talks with the great character actor Leo Rossi about his upcoming appearance at Flashback Weekend Horror Convention. Rossi has starred in over 100 movies, including “Analyze This,” “Halloween 2,” “Maniac Cop,” “Heart Like a Wheel,” “River’s Edge,” and more. He tells incredible stories about working with Robert DeNiro, Harold Ramis, Dennis Farina, Joe Pantaliano and more, plus, he talks about his first nude scene (listen…the water was cold), his mom’s reaction to the horrible character he played in “The Accused,” and his days as a rock & roll DJ at WWVU:” The Kingdom of The WooVoo!!” It’s a truly great conversation. Then, Esmeralda Leon and Nick talk about the LIVE version of this podcast at Flashback, and they remember the great Paul Ruebens (AKA: Pee Wee Herman). [Ep164]