Nick welcomes musician/sound designer/film composer Alan Howarth to the podcast, to talk about his upcoming appearance at The Flashback Weekend Horror Convention, and much more. Included in the great conversation, is his work with John Carpenter, his Academy Award winning sound design of such films as the “Star Trek” series, “The Hunt for Red October” & “Back to the Future,” his early days in 60’s bands like “The Tree Stumps” and “Braino” (the Pink Floyd of Cleveland!), and his thoughts on the metaphysical, the future, and technology. He also tells us what’s in store for everyone who checks out his immersive, LIVE concert at Flashback Weekend! Then Esmeralda Leon and Nick discuss such varied topics as: jury duty, soul patches, Svengoolie, and bad fast-food items like Carl’s Jr.’s Chicken Stars and Burger King’s new cheeseburger that consists of nothing but a bun, and 20 slices of slightly melted American Cheese. And, Nick’s Dad Tells a Joke. [EP159]