In this episode, Nick and TV critic Dan Fienberg, from The Hollywood Reporter & The Fien Print, talk about the 2023 Tony Awards telecast (which was the first awards show to be conducted without writers), the series finales of HBO’s “Succession” and “Barry,” and the new controversial HBO show “The Idol.” Mr. Fienberg also reviews a new documentary about Dan Rather, and the wacky action-comedy with Arnold Schwarzenegger, “FUBAR.” Then, Esmeralda Leon and Nick fulfill another Magic Megaphone message from a teacher on the day of her retirement, they listen to a voicemail from a subscriber with an interesting request, and talk about the early careers of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, and the casts of “Reno 911” & “The State.” Oh, and these things happen while Nick bleeds all over the place because he cut himself shaving before the recording of this episode. And, of course, Nick’s Dad Tells a Joke….while Nick bleeds. [EP149]