In this episode, Nick welcomes film critics Erik Childress and Steve Prokopy to the podcast as they review some new movies including: “Rise of the Beasts” the latest chapter in the “Transformers” series; “Past Lives” a heartbreaking story about ‘the love that got away;’ the WWII horror movie “Brooklyn 45;” and the origin story of the most popular snack flavor of all time, “Flamin’ Hot.” Then, Esmeralda Leon joins Nick to fulfill another Magic Megaphone request (involving Richie Cunningham’s favorite insult: ‘Bucko’), and they talk about some roles that famous actors would love to forget. Included in that conversation is the McDLT commercial featuring a young Jason Alexander (with hair!); “The Devil’s Rain,” a horror movie in which John Travolta melts into a pile of goo; and “200 Cigarettes,” which stars everyone from Paul Rudd to Courtney Love to Kate Hudson to Buster Poindexter. They also chat about Esma’s rediscovery of the great TV series, “Homicide: Life on the Streets,” and how great Andre Braugher is in it…and how weird it is to watch it on the ancient format of DVD. [EP148]