“For the People,” join Nick and The Consumerman, Herb Weisbaum from Checkbook.org, for a lively chat about the sneaky ‘check washing’ scam making a comeback, and how airlines are finally getting on board with kid-friendly seats. They’ll also dish out seven nifty tips to help you level up your consumer game. While they’re at it, they reminisce about the legendary Katz’s Deli in NYC, home to that unforgettable “When Harry Met Sally” moment. Later, Tom Appel from Consumer Guide Automotive rolls in to chat about the quirky 1958 Edsel ad campaign, the buzz-worthy 2024 Dodge Hornet, Honda’s sweet extended warranty deal, and the downright bizarre Plymouth Voyager III—a double dose of automotive disappointment. Plus, you won’t want to miss the hilarity of Nick’s Dad Tells a Joke! [EP129]