Nick welcomes film critics Erik Childress and Steve Prokopy as they join him to discuss some films showcased at the SXSW Film Fest, and to provide their insights on new releases such as Willem Dafoe’s thriller “Inside,” the follow-up to DC Comics’ “Shazam,” and the exceptional latest installment of the “John Wick” series starring Keanu Reeves. Following this, Esmeralda Leon and Nick respond to another Magic Megaphone Message and delve into some peculiar rumors, ranging from spider eggs in Bubble Yum to Halle Berry having an extra toe and the legitimacy of Marisa Tomei’s Oscar win for “My Cousin Vinny.” Additionally, they share more information about the upcoming Nick D Podcast LIVE event at Zanies in Rosemont, featuring special guest Rich “Svengoolie” Koz, and embark on a taste-testing journey of Mexican candies. [EP123]