Misfits Makin’ It is the podcast component of the misfit comedy shows produced by Lauren LoGiudice. Show dates and info at www.laurenlogiudice.com

In this podcast episode Lauren interviews film and television producer Jared Ian Goldman. They discuss his journey from doing street marketing to becoming a producer, the creative process, and the importance of understanding the business side of the arts. Goldman emphasizes the need for adaptability, community, and embracing failure in the industry.


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The creative process and being brave in failing (00:03:43) Jared and Lauren discuss the creative process, the importance of being brave in failing, and how failure is a part of the artistic journey.

Growing up in Long Island and being exposed to art (00:04:44) Jared talks about growing up in Long Island, being surrounded by artsy people, and his early experiences with music and concerts.

Expressing oneself and being reliable (00:08:23) Jared and Lauren talk about the importance of expressing oneself, the influence of different cultures and art forms, and how Jared’s parents trusted him to explore his interests and be reliable.

The street marketing experience (00:11:50) Jared talks about his experience doing street marketing for bands, putting up posters and interacting with people on the street.

Discovering the similarities between movies and music (00:13:20) Jared discusses how he realized that movies and music are similar in terms of storytelling and emotional impact.

The role of a producer (00:17:32) Jared explains the role of a producer in creating a harmonious space for the director or showrunner to achieve their vision, and being responsible for the creative and financial integrity of the project.

The creative process and passing the baton (00:19:31) Discussion about the producer’s role in the creative process and the satisfaction of watching a project come to life.

The artistic and business aspects of producing (00:20:04) Exploration of the artistic and creative elements of producing, as well as the importance of understanding the business side.

The importance of storytelling and understanding the audience (00:23:32) Emphasis on the significance of storytelling in producing, knowing who the audience is, and finding a balance between commercial and artful projects.

The challenges of building a community (00:29:52) The speaker discusses the importance of building a community and finding kinship in a challenging world.

Adapting to changing audience preferences (00:30:37) The speaker talks about the need to be adaptable and constantly evolve in order to reach and connect with the audience.

The frustration of not knowing the audience demographics (00:35:11) The speaker expresses frustration over the lack of transparency in the industry regarding audience demographics and how it affects decision-making and feedback.

The importance of failure (00:40:01) The speakers discuss the value of failure and how it is a normal part of the creative process.

Staying motivated and inspired (00:41:47) They talk about finding inspiration in music and the importance of being prepared for opportunities.

Challenges in the film industry (00:44:57) The conversation shifts to the lack of curated movies and the struggle to find unique stories in the current film landscape.

Jared’s Experience with Social Media (00:48:42) Jared discusses his decision to unplug from social media after working on the movie “Ingrid Goes West” and the effects it had on him.

Closing Remarks and Thank You (00:49:48) The host thanks Jared for joining the podcast and expresses excitement for his future projects.

Acknowledgements and Conclusion (00:49:54) The host thanks the listeners and credits the editing and production team, concluding the episode.