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In this podcast episode Lauren interviews Shawna Roxanne,, a member of the band Central Flow. They discuss the band’s formation, their creative process, and the pressure to conform to popular music genres. Shawna shares the band’s commitment to authenticity and the importance of not being boxed into a specific category. They also discuss their indigenous heritage and how it influences their music. Shawna opens up about their journey in the music industry and the importance of staying true to oneself.


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The formation of Central Flow (00:01:13) Shawna Roxanne discusses how Central Flow started in Dallas, Texas and how she connected with Adam, the guitarist and bass player.

Central Flow’s organic songwriting process (00:03:31) Shawna Roxanne  talks about how the band came up with their songs, starting with their single “Home,” and how their collaboration has been organic.

The pressure to conform to pop music (00:06:56) Shawna Roxanne shares her experience of feeling pressure to conform to a pop music style and how she found freedom and acceptance in the rock genre.

Pressure to Conform (00:07:56) Shawna Roxanne discusses feeling pressure to conform to the popular pop music genre and the struggle to stay true to their own style.

Being Complicated in the Performance Space (00:09:08) Shawna Roxanne shares her experience of being pushed to fit a certain image and how it can be challenging for women who are complicated in the performance space.

Creating Central Flow’s Sound (00:13:26) Shawna Roxanne talks about the process of creating the sound for Central Flow, including their influences and the collaborative jamming sessions that led to their songs.

The magic of music (00:15:59) Lauren and Shawna Roxanne  discuss the magical aspect of music and how musicians get into a flow state while playing their instruments.

Rehearsing in a flow state (00:17:27) Shawna Roxanne  talks about how every rehearsal with Central Flow feels like a flow state, where they vibe and let the music come out naturally.

Creating a spectacle on stage (00:20:55) Shawna Roxanne shares how they work hard to make their performances a spectacle, aiming to transport the audience and create a surprising and immersive experience.

The band’s stylist mishap (00:23:58) Shawna Roxanne talks about his outfit mishap during a performance and the stylist’s attempt to make it work.

The role of a music producer (00:25:09) Shawna Roxanne explains the role of a music producer in creating and shaping the sound of a track.

Incorporating indigenous elements in the new album (00:26:42) Shawna Roxanne discusses incorporating indigenous sounds and chanting in the upcoming album, combining tribal elements with southern rock.

The pressure to conform to a certain genre (00:34:20) Shawna Roxanne discusses how rock music allows him to be herself and express his life experiences without conforming to pop music stereotypes.

The courage to perform comedy (00:36:32) Lauren and Shawna Roxanne talk about the courage it takes to perform comedy and the importance of being confident and resilient in the face of failure.

Embracing weirdness and individuality (00:40:30) Shawna Roxanne shares a quote by Edgar Allan Poe that emphasizes the beauty of embracing one’s strangeness and being unapologetically oneself.

The timestamp’s title (00:41:05) Melania Trump’s rap game and winning the election Discussion about Melania Trump’s rap skills and how she won the election with her rap game.

The timestamp’s title (00:42:38) Choosing a rock song to inspire people not to vote for Donald Trump Exploring the idea of Melania Trump doing a rock song to inspire people not to vote for Donald Trump and discussing song suggestions.

The timestamp’s title (00:46:49) Wrapping up the interview and discussing future shows in New York Thanking Shawna Roxanne for the interview and discussing plans for future shows in New York.