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In this podcast episode, Lauren speaks with Catherine Waller, creator of the solo show The Creeps. Waller discusses how she used physical theater to devise her demented masterpiece. She shares the inspiration behind her characters and the hopes she has for the audience interaction. The episode concludes with Melania Trump’s questions about art. Catherine’s responses encourage Melania to become a talent manager.

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Catherine’s Solo Show “The Creeps” [00:02:15]

Catherin discusses her solo show “The Creeps” and how she came up with the characters.

New Zealand Upbringing [00:06:38]

Catherine talks about her pleasant upbringing in New Zealand and how it influenced her work.

The Genesis of “The Creeps” [00:08:50]

Catherine shares how the finale of Mary Poppins on Broadway inspired the creation of “The Creeps” and the concept of something else emerging from her performance.

The Joy of Clown Work [00:10:00]

Discussion about the joy and fun that comes from clown work and physical improvisation.

Devising The Creeps [00:10:35]

Exploration of how the solo show “The Creeps” was devised through physical experimentation and the emergence of different characters.

Traua and Artistic Expression [00:14:01]

Exploration of personal trauma and how it filters through the artist, leading to the creation of psychologically dark and curious characters in the how.

The inspiration for “Mary Poppins Takes on US Education” [00:19:31]

Catherine Waller discusses how her experience teaching at different schools influenced her solo show about education.


Exploring darkness and regrets in characters [00:20:44]

Catherine Waller and the host discuss how characters in “The Creeps” reflect different aspects of human psychology and experiences.

Discovering the black box theater and starting the residency [00:25:59]

Catherine Waller talks about how she stumbled upon a black box theater in Hollywood and how she got the opportunity to use it for her artistic exploration.

Catherine’s first solo show [00:28:32]

Catherine discusses her experience of putting together her first solo show and the audience’s role in shaping it.

Deciding to tour the show [00:29:16]

Catherine talks about her decision to tour her solo show after a friend encouraged her to revisit it.

Considring the future of “The Creeps” [00:35:13]

Catherine reflects on her ambitions to work in film and screen, and ponders the future of her solo show, including the possibility of adapting it into a different medium.

The uphill journey [00:38:23]

Catherine Waller shares a story about meeting Rue McClanahan and how she always knew her journey would be difficult.

Misfit moment [00:39:09]

Catherine Waller iscusses the moment she realized the traditional life was not for her, and her aspirations of becoming a famous actress.

Misfit inspirtion [00:40:40]

Catherin Waller talks about how she deals with being in the dumps, including going to the gym, having chats with loved ones, and reflecting on herself.

The Creeps show and getting money upfront [00:46:48]

Catherine Waller discusses her solo show “The Creeps” and the strategy of asking for money upfront from investors.

Melana Trump’s ambition and alibi [00:48:26]

The hosts speculate on Melania Trump’s intelligence and her scheduling of a photoshoot during the Capitol invasion for an alibi.

Where to find “The Creeps” and Catherin Waller [00:50:35]

Information on where to see “The Creeps” off-Broadway and where to find Catherine Waller on Instagram and TikTok.