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In this podcast episode, Lauren speaks with director Shelley Lewis about her journey in the advertising industry. Shelley’s story highlights her resilience and determination to create to the highest level, pushing boundaries at every stage.


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Lauren’s Wedding Experience [00:00:20] Lauren discusses her experiences at a wedding and reflects on unresolved anger and comfort in reconnecting with old acquaintances.

Podcast Shout Out [00:02:10] Lauren promotes the podcast “What’s It Like to Podcast?” and highlights the interesting conversations with people who have gone through challenging experiences.

Supporting Green Cramp Educational NGO [00:03:20] Lauren shares information about the organization’s work in raising awareness on environmental protection, human rights, culture, and innovation, and mentions the option to donate via Venmo.

Transitioning to Advertising [00:08:10] The speaker discusses their start in advertising as an art director and their desire to do non-traditional advertising.

Creating a Controversial Tampon Ad [00:09:15] The speaker shares their experience of creating an unconventional tampon ad that sparked conversation and controversy.

Challenges as a Female Director [00:12:45] The speaker talks about facing obstacles and discrimination as a female director in the advertising industry.

Launching the reel and working remotely on a tour bus [00:16:02] Shelley discusses how she put together her reel and worked remotely on a tour bus while dating a guy in a band.

Challenges and sacrifices during the launch [00:17:08] Shelley talks about the financial challenges and sacrifices she had to make during the launch of her career as a director.

Curating work as a female director [00:21:18] Shelley explains how she curated her work to come across as male and kept her identity hidden as a female director.

The influence of family and humor [00:23:20] The speaker discusses how her family’s playful nature and her grandfather’s treatment of her as a person, rather than just a girl, influenced her sense of humor.

Influences from Bill Murray films and comedy in advertising [00:24:24] The speaker talks about how watching Bill Murray films and working in advertising shaped her comedic style and the challenges she faced as a woman in comedy.

Finding inspiration through art and film [00:26:03] The speaker shares her philosophy of seeking inspiration through art galleries, gritty locations, and trips, as well as her habit of watching random movies to expand her film language knowledge.

The influence of art forms on creativity [00:31:39] The speakers discuss the importance of seeking inspiration from different art forms to avoid recycling ideas within one’s genre.

Advertising’s potential for cultural impact [00:31:58] The conversation explores how advertising, when done right, can create change and impact culture.

Working towards equality and representation in advertising [00:32:30] The guest talks about her focus on female stories and representing diversity in her work, as well as her efforts to promote equality and inclusivity in the industry.

The process of creating diverse work [00:39:56] Shelley Lewis discusses the different types of work she does, from filming to building sets, and the research and time it takes to excel in each area.

The advantages of using the volume for actors [00:42:06] Shelley Lewis explains how the volume, a virtual production stage, provides actors with a more interactive and immersive experience, as well as better lighting.

Finding inspiration in films and biographies [00:46:06] Shelley Lewis shares how she watches films she knows nothing about on the criterion channel and reads biographies of successful people to find inspiration during down moments.

The path isn’t set up for you [00:46:45] The speaker discusses the challenges of finding a clear path in their business and how seeing different people’s paths written out on paper makes them feel normal.

No one ever knows what they’re doing [00:47:39] The speaker emphasizes that no one ever knows what they’re doing and mentions how reading biographies helps them understand that it’s always hard.

Making a commercial to convince people not to come to Florida [00:49:24] The speaker and the guest discuss ideas for creating a commercial to deter people from coming to Florida, including using reverse psychology and showcasing other places to visit instead.

Shelley Lewis’ work and representation [00:54:04] Shelley Lewis discusses her website, production company, and international representation in different countries.

Working in different countries [00:54:33] Shelley Lewis talks about the different work and sensibilities in each country she works in.

Closing remarks and acknowledgments [00:55:05] Speaker 3 concludes the podcast episode, thanking the listeners and mentioning the podcast network and where to find other shows.