Misfits Makin’ It is the podcast component of the misfit comedy shows produced by Lauren LoGiudice. Show dates and info at www.laurenlogiudice.com

This episode features Richard Kimberley and we talk about a clown teacher and performer, who shares his journey of self-learning circus skills and discovering the world of clowning. They discuss his adventurous travel and his transition into becoming a professional performer. They also discuss Richard’s work with men in his clown workshop and the importance of self-reflection and healing.


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Misfit Variety Show in DC [00:00:20] Lauren Logitech talks about bringing the Misfit Variety Show to DC and the success of the performance.

Upcoming Family Wedding [00:01:14] Lauren Logitech discusses her nervousness about attending a family wedding where some family members have been unsupportive of her queer identity.

Interview with Richard Kimble [00:04:35] Lauren Logitech introduces Richard Kimble, a clown teacher and performer, and discusses his adventurous life and experiences with bicycle travel.

Learning circus skills and discovering clown [00:08:02] The speaker talks about how they self-taught themselves circus skills, including juggling and contact juggling, and their discovery of clown through a workshop.

Biking as a means of travel and performing [00:09:40] The speaker discusses their preference for biking as a mode of transportation and how it influenced their lifestyle, including cheap accommodation and street performing.

Finding rhythm and presence through travel [00:11:30] The speaker reflects on how their rhythm in life changed during their travels, experiencing a super chill and present time without time pressure, which eventually led to their discovery of clown.

Becoming an actor [00:14:13] The speaker discusses their journey of discovering their passion for acting and their decision to pursue it full-time.

Transition to professional performing [00:15:05] The speaker talks about their transition from casual performing to performing professionally with a company.

Creating the show “Barada Street” [00:17:30] The speaker discusses the process of creating and performing their show “Barada Street” and how it evolved over the years.

Living in a commune [00:20:55] Discussion about living in a commune for six years and then relocating to Austria.

Gestalt therapy and clown work [00:22:00] Explanation of gestalt therapy and how it is combined with clown work in a workshop called “The Male Idiot.”

Reflecting on masculinity [00:26:24] Exploration of somatic approaches to masculinity and the workshop’s focus on reflecting on one’s relationship with masculinity.

The Male Idiot Workshop [00:27:20] Richard Kimble discusses his interest in opening his clown workshop to other circles and working in prisons.

Emasculating Men through Clowning [00:29:43] Lauren Logitech talks about how she emasculates men through her clown performances, specifically by asking them awkward questions about their bodies and processes.

Realizing the Misfit Moment [00:33:20] Richard Kimble shares the defining moment when he realized he needed to break away from the traditional path and go traveling for a year.

Meeting the cycling circus people [00:35:09] The speaker discusses meeting a group of independent artists and musicians who were part of a cycling circus, which opened up a new world for them.

Taking a sabbatical [00:36:11] The speaker mentions taking a sabbatical to refresh themselves and get away from the distractions of screens and technology.

The beauty of connecting with people while traveling [00:40:02] The speaker shares their experiences of arriving in new places and being welcomed by people, despite initial fears and stereotypes, highlighting the beauty and kindness of humanity.

The intense level of using comedy [00:41:19] The speakers discuss the use of comedy to open hearts and minds of audiences, and how it requires intense dedication and inspiration.

The challenges of having fun and inspiring people [00:42:19] The speakers talk about the misconception that people who have fun and inspire others all the time are always happy, when in reality, life can be hard and there are ups and downs.

Balancing work and avoiding burnout [00:43:26] The speakers discuss the importance of finding a balance between doing open work, such as performing as a clown, and taking breaks to avoid burnout.

The trip to Scotland [00:47:37] Discussion about traveling to Scotland and the reasons for choosing it as a destination.

Bringing the man workshop to Queens [00:48:00] Suggestion to bring the man workshop to Queens and renaming it as the “douchebag repayment program.”

Jimmy Garrick solo show [00:50:07] Introduction of the solo show called “Jimmy Garrick” that explores themes of masculinity and personal growth.