Misfits Makin’ It is the podcast component of the misfit comedy shows produced by Lauren LoGiudice. Show dates and info at www.laurenlogiudice.com

In this podcast episode Lauren interviews Andy J. Pizza about his creative journey as an illustrator, author, and podcaster. They delve into topics like, the challenges of career pivots and the importance of storytelling. Andy talks about his New York Times bestselling book “Invisible Things,” his podcast “Creative Pep Talk,” and his experiences with Co-Loop, an artist management company. The conversation also touches on building a creative community, the significance of collaboration, and strategies for overcoming creative lulls, with an emphasis on maintaining a growth mindset.


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Podcast: www.creativepeptalk.com

Instagram: @andyjpizza



Lauren’s Japan Trip (00:00:01)

Lauren discusses her recent trip to Japan and her decision to try being vegan.

Deciding to be Vegan (00:01:06)

Lauren explains her decision to try being vegan and the reasons behind it.

Comedy in Japan and Upcoming Shows (00:01:53)

Lauren shares her experience doing comedy in Japan and her anxiety about upcoming tour dates for the Misfit Variety Show.

Decision-Making Exercise (00:03:00)

Lauren introduces a decision-making exercise and encourages listeners to think about their creativity and decision-making processes.

Introduction of Andy J. Pizza (00:03:53)

Lauren introduces Andy J. Pizza, praises his podcast, and expresses excitement about the upcoming interview.

Andy J. Pizza’s Name (00:04:45)

Andy explains the origin of his pseudonym “Pizza” and shares his fondness for pizza.

Andy’s Location and Love for Pizza (00:07:00)

Andy discusses his location in Columbus, Ohio, and his love for all types of pizza.

Andy’s Work and Passion for Storytelling (00:08:51)

Andy describes his work as primarily focused on storytelling through illustration, authoring kids’ books, and podcasting.

Pivoting and Project-Based Commitment (00:10:11)

Andy discusses his approach to making pivots in his career and the importance of project-based commitment in exploring new endeavors.

Reacting to Project Outcomes (00:15:41)

Andy shares his emotional reactions to project outcomes, emphasizing the personal progress achieved through exploration.

Traction for Daily Drawing Project (00:18:42)

Andy reflects on the time it took to see traction for his daily drawing project and the personal development goals associated with the project.

Project Reflection (00:18:45)

Andy reflects on the impact of a project on his creative style and the realization it brought about.

Invisible Things (00:19:55)

The creation and success of the “Invisible Things” project, leading to a best-selling book and its influence on the Andy’s work.

Creative Pivots (00:20:54)

Andy discusses the evolution of his illustration practice, the launch of a podcast, and the challenges of breaking into kids’ books.

Pitching and Persistence (00:21:59)

Andy’s struggles with pitching ideas and the eventual breakthrough through a social media post.

Drawing Invisible Things (00:23:03)

The concept of drawing invisible things and Andy’s journey in finding inspiration and patterns in his work.

Active Imagination (00:26:49)

Andy’s realization of his project as a process of active imagination and personifying different aspects of himself.

Maintaining Positivity (00:27:44)

Andy’s approach to staying positive, seeking actionable ideas, and developing a growth mindset.

Podcast Creation Process (00:32:10)

Insights into the creation process of the “Creative Pep Talk” podcast and the time invested in crafting each episode.

Embracing Growth Mindset (00:35:11)

The impact of a growth mindset on Andy’s journey and the importance of continuous learning and improvement.

Co-Loop and Artist Management (00:36:40)

Andy’s involvement in co-founding an artist management company and his recent decision to step away from the day-to-day management role.

Collaboration and Networking (00:37:36)

Andy discusses his collaboration with various artists and the value of networking in the creative industry.

Finding Misfit Moment (00:48:57)

Andy recalls his realization that traditional jobs were not for him and shares his misfit moment.

Spirituality and Creativity (00:51:34)

Andy discusses his mixed feelings about spiritualizing life and how he uses spirituality to navigate creative lulls.

Finding Your People (00:57:26)

Discussion about the importance of finding like-minded individuals and tapping into personal values for creative inspiration.

Disney Memorabilia Joy (00:57:41)

Exploration of the personal significance of Disney memorabilia and the joy and hope it brings.

Character Creation (01:01:41)

Conversation about the mental relief of embodying characters and the desire for space to express sincerity through character portrayal.

Connecting with Andy J. Pizza (01:03:07)

Information on where to find Andy J. Pizza on Instagram and his podcast “Creative Pep Talk.”