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In this podcast episode Lauren interviews Grace Edwards. Edwards shares her journey from acting to writing, emphasizing the empowerment and creative control she found in the latter. She discusses her experiences in the entertainment industry, the importance of being a team player, and her current projects. Grace also talked being specific about one’s goals, and her approach to comedy writing.


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Big Decisions and Moving On (00:00:00)

Lauren talks about making big decisions and moving on from spaces that don’t appreciate misfits.

Clear about What You Want (00:01:06)

Lauren emphasizes the importance of being clear about what you want and going after it.

Grace Edwards’ Journey (00:03:30)

Grace Edwards shares her journey from wanting to be an actress to becoming a writer, including her experiences at NYU and Columbia University.

The empowerment of writing (00:09:33)

Grace discusses how writing allows her to have more control over her career and create stories about underrepresented identities.

The power of being a writer (00:10:39)

Grace explains how being a writer gives her the ability to affect change, create jobs, and have more power in the creation of TV shows and movies.

The value of life experience for creatives (00:13:02)

Grace and Lauren discuss how life experience, such as being a teacher or having various backgrounds, can benefit writers and actors in their creative work.

Becoming Indispensable at Your Job (00:19:40)

Advice on getting into the entertainment industry through agencies and making yourself indispensable at your job.

The Importance of Being Nice (00:20:54)

The significance of being nice and pleasant to work with in the entertainment industry.

Knowing What You Want and Communicating It (00:25:48)

The importance of knowing what kind of work you want to do and communicating it to your representatives in order to find the right opportunities.

The moment of returning to acting (00:29:47)

Grace discusses her love for acting and her plans to return to it, including working on a short film project.

The challenge of acting and the magic of being in the moment (00:33:12)

Grace talks about the challenges of acting and the importance of being fully present and listening to the other person on set.

The journey of an artist and overcoming doubts (00:35:08)

Grace reflects on her unconventional path as an artist, the doubts she faced, and the importance of staying true to herself and her vision.

The voice inside (00:38:53)

Discussion about listening to one’s inner voice, ignoring societal limitations, and finding motivation to pursue goals.

Synchronicity and signs (00:39:19)

Exploration of the concept of synchronicity and the importance of recognizing signs and opportunities in life.

Manifestation and visualization (00:40:54)

Belief in the power of manifestation, being specific about goals, and using techniques like vision boards and morning mindset to visualize desired outcomes.

The Character First (00:47:35)

Grace discusses her approach to comedy writing, emphasizing the importance of creating funny characters and putting them in humorous situations.

Playing Michelle Obama (00:49:17)

Lauren asks Grace about her experience playing Michelle Obama on a show called “Our Cartoon President” and playing other characters on the political spectrum.

Impeccable Work Ethic (00:50:49)

Grace talks about the importance of being dedicated and giving 100% to the projects she works on, emphasizing the value of immersing oneself in the work and contributing to something she cares about.