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In this podcast episode Lauren interviews Charlie Sprinkman, founder of Everywhere is Queer. The platform is a worldwide map of queer-owned businesses and queer-serving organizations. Brinkman discusses the growth of the platform, how businesses are added, and his vision for its future. He shares his journey to create Everywhere is Queer, he also shares his personal experiences of living in queer-friendly cities, the challenges of finding queer spaces in rural America, and his admiration for queer-owned businesses.


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Instagram: @everywhereisqueer and @csprinkman



The idea for Everywhere is Queer (00:05:33)

Charlie Sprinkman discusses the inspiration behind Everywhere is Queer and how the idea came to be while volunteering at a queer youth leadership camp.

Launching Everywhere is Queer (00:07:42)

Charlie Sprinkmann talks about the process of launching Everywhere is Queer and the support he received from friends and community.

Seeking businesses for Everywhere is Queer (00:04:49)

Charlie Sprinkman explains how businesses are added to Everywhere is Queer and the importance of their consent to be included on the platform.

The creation of the map (00:08:44)

Charlie Sprinkman discusses how he started creating the map using Google My Maps and the challenges he faced in the beginning.

Receiving media coverage (00:09:20)

Charlie Sprinkman talks about the media coverage Everywhere is Queer received, including articles on NBC and The Skim, and being recognized as one of 30 queer trailblazers.

Building community and receiving messages (00:12:26)

Charlie Sprinkman shares the impact of Everywhere is Queer on people’s lives, including messages from individuals around the world who feel inspired and less alone because of the resource.

The growth of Everywhere is Queer (00:18:14)

Charlie Sprinkman discusses the recent growth of Everywhere is Queer, with 550 new organizations joining the map in just four days.

Expansion of Everywhere is Queer beyond LA and New York (00:18:51)

The conversation touches on the expansion of Everywhere is Queer to rural areas in the United States and around the world.

Future plans for Everywhere is Queer (00:21:42)

Charlie Sprinkman discusses his vision for the future of Everywhere is Queer, including the possibility of building a team and creating a physical office space.

Queer-owned businesses and their inclusivity (00:26:26)

Discussion on the inclusivity of queer-owned businesses and their care for the community and customers.

Supportive community in rural America (00:27:24)

Highlighting the support and resilience of the community in rural America, with a specific example of a coffee shop in Bend, Oregon.

Challenges of finding queer-owned spaces (00:29:27)

The difficulties of finding queer-owned spaces through common search methods and the inspiration behind creating Everywhere is Queer.

The queer community in Portland (00:35:27)

Charlie Sprinkman talks about the vibrant queer community in Portland and how the entire city feels inclusive and welcoming to queer individuals.

San Francisco’s changing queer scene (00:36:23)

The hosts discuss how the queer scene in San Francisco has changed over time, with the influx of tech companies and the impact on the queer community.

Highlighting inclusive businesses (00:38:21)

Charlie Sprinkman mentions People’s Inclusive Welding in Portland, Maine, and other businesses that provide inclusive spaces and services for the queer community.