In this episode, drag queen and artist Kevin Aviance discusses his life in art. He reflects on the impact of his music and his journey of self-discovery and resilience, including his decision to move to Florida after a hate crime incident. He emphasizes the importance of forgiveness, personal growth, and embracing new experiences. The conversation also touches on the challenges of being an artist, the importance of human connection, and the changing dynamics of the world. [Ep1]


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Kevin Aviance’s Introduction [00:00:02] Kevin Aviance’s introduction as a drag queen and artist and the impact of his music in New York City.

Reflecting on Popularity and Music [00:00:53] Kevin Aviance discusses the difference between putting out music and knowing how popular it is, and the challenges with management.

Reconnecting with Daniel Resnick [00:01:58] Kevin Aviance talks about reconnecting with Daniel Resnick, a friend from high school, and their mutual friend Beth.

The purpose of doing black hair in Florida [00:09:34] Kevin talks about how working in a black salon doing black hair gave him a sense of purpose and helped him come back to himself.

Getting hip surgery in New York [00:10:24] Kevin discusses how he had to go back to New York to get his hip surgery done due to insurance issues and the wear and tear on his hips from wearing stiletto heels.

The importance of doing the work and being consistent [00:15:27] Kevin emphasizes the importance of doing the work, being consistent, and not worrying about what others have to say. He also talks about accepting aging and not having a handbook for navigating life as an older gay man.

The struggle of continuing as an artist [00:18:24] Kevin Aviance discusses the pressure to quit as an artist as people drop off over the years.

Being misunderstood as an artist [00:19:57] Kevin Aviance talks about dealing with being misunderstood and the importance of human connection.

Challenges of putting out complex art [00:23:06] Kevin Aviance expresses frustration with the lack of complexity and depth in art being put out online.

Misfit moment: March on Washington [00:32:56] Kevin Aviance recalls a misfit moment during the March on Washington, where he jumped off the stage and performed while walking down Constitution Avenue.

Performing at the stadium in Montreal [00:34:06] Kevin Aviance talks about performing multiple times at the stadium in Montreal for the Black and Blue event, which was a unique experience for him.

Dealing with artist depression [00:36:46] Kevin Aviance discusses the depression that follows a high-energy performance and how he copes by immersing himself in other forms of art and creative activities.

Kevin’s wild partying days [00:38:49] Discussion about the wild partying and irresponsible behavior of Kevin and his friends during their younger days.

The impact of smartphones on behavior [00:39:30] Exploring how the presence of smartphones and the ability to document everything has made people more responsible and less messy.

Living in the moment [00:43:33] Reflecting on how life is a series of moments and experiences, and how history is made in the day-to-day living.