Attention Men: Did Valentine’s Day come up so quickly that you are only realizing it is this Saturday now? Have no fear for here are some simple gift ideas that are sure to please.

Gift card: Now normally I would say hell no to a gift card, especially for this particular holiday. However, why not pick up a gift card to your sweetie’s favorite place to get her morning coffee or where she grabs lunch from. This gift card says I pay attention to what you like and I want to make your workweek a little more bearable.

Flowers: I know a lot of women claim this is a waste of money. I say two things to that: bullshit, everyone loves flowers .Two: it is not her money. Fresh flowers are always welcomed, especially if you happen to know her favorite kind.

Netflix Subscription: Sell it to her by saying she can watch her favorite romance movies all the time. It could also make for some great stay-in movie dates.

A love letter: Now this might sound a little cheesy but women swoon for compliments from their beaus, especially if you are not the most sensitive type of guy. Go old fashion on her and write (no typing!) some kind words, favorite moments or even kinky suggestions so she knows exactly how you feel about her.

Her favorite bottle of alcohol:   Again, this shows that you pay attention to what she likes. Now if she has a college you-call-it palette, try introducing her to a top shelf in the same category of what she usually orders. You can start off the night by being her personal bartender. If all goes well, the two of you can just stay in…

Chocolate:   It is easy: women love chocolate. Unless she is expecting a ring, chocolate is sure to please. Warning: Do not show up with chocolate if she is expecting a ring.

Xo, Betty.