Libra September 23- October 22 Your usual social butterfly self is taking a backseat this birthday month. Right now the person you prefer most is you. Go ahead and enjoy your alone time before your social calendar fills up with hot dates in the approaching months ahead.

Scorpio October 23- November 21 You have always been a sharp bitch. Now is the time to put that boldness to work for you. Put yourself out there this month and you will impress those around you, especially on the work front.

Sagittarius November 22 – December 21 Something in your life is out of balance. Is it your love life? Your job? Maybe it the harmony of both working together. Bottom line is you need to get your life in order for whatever makes you happiest and don’t feel bad making adjustments to see that thru.

Capricorn December 22- January 20 The travel bug has bit you and you will not feel satisfied until that itch has been scratched. Enough with the excuses of why you can’t get away. Plan an excursion now, even if it’s for a weekend getaway, and you will be content for months moving forward.

Aquarius January 21- February 19 Baby, it might be getting cold outside but your love life is only heating up. Enjoy yourself, enjoy yourself, enjoy yourself! Just be aware of how sometimes you have a tendency to neglect your friends when you are involved with another. Make sure to not do that and it’s a win-win all around.

Pisces February 20-March 20 October brings a touchy month with it, and not in a good way. Everyone around you seems to be hyper sensitive. As much as you want to turn a deaf ear on all the drama around you, being an ass will only cause more. Be a shoulder to lean on and keep your sarcastic opinions to yourself, at least for now.

Aries March 21- April 20 You have never felt more Arien than at this time. You are enterprising, incisive, daring and active. (Btw, that sounds totally hot.) There is so much action to get involved in when it comes to work and the harder you work this month, the bigger the payoff. Put in all of your effort this October and you will be reaping in sweet aftermath for months to come.

Taurus April 21- May 21 Life has been a bit frazzled lately. However, I promised last month that the end was near. Say goodbye to angst and hello to passion. The planets have arranged in such a way that you are simply hot. Slow down and enjoy all the pleasures that are coming your way. (Pun intended.)

Gemini May 22- June 21 You have been talking a lot of talk for a long time about doing something creative. You have all these brilliant ideas, right? Damn right. Now is the time to actually back up all your talk and try to get your ideas out. Who’s to say your idea is not the next big thing?

Cancer June 22 – July 22 For whatever reason everyone is your close circle is looking for a fight. Blame it on Mercury, the seasons changing, whatever. All you know is that you are not the crabby one for once. Try your best to avoid confrontations and realize it is not your job to fix everyone’s problems either. Find excuses for some “me time” until things settle down around you.

Leo July 23- August 23 Girrrl, have you seen all the cute fall fashions lately? You deserve to spend on yourself don’t you? No. The answer is a firm hell no. Now it not the time for you to go on a spending spree, no matter the excuse you come up with. For all that is holy, exercise restraint.

Virgo August 24- September 22 It seems like you have found your confidence and voice, which really is a great thing. The only problem is, you want to push it onto everyone. Remember even if everyone is proud of this newfound sureness you have, not everyone has the same opinions. Be sure to tread lightly before someone pushes you back into your insecure hole.