If I were Oprah I’m sure my favorite things would include $65.00 key rings…but alas, I am not Oprah – I’m not even Oprah on a budget. Think of me as a homeless Oprah who wishes she was as wealthy and still wanted Oprah-like quality in her Holiday gifts.

Lets get right to it – Last year I included a Netflix/Amazon Prime/Hulu membership. Still on there. Will always be on there. Now, lets move past the inevitable to some super fun, super new, super exciting gifts to give this holiday season.

I’m a huge advocate of getting gift giving done early. In fact, if you’re thinking of using Etsy as a means of giving, you’re already too late. Most Etsy purchases take four to six weeks to make and deliver (plus I highly recommend researching the seller before placing the order; but that’s for another blog).

Japanese Exfoliating Bath Towel

Amazon – $7.40 for single pack 12.00 pack of three – various prices from vendors


Memory Foam slip ons – 49.00-100.00
Cute boots
Yoga Mat Gym Shoes

Accessories from Milk Handmade


Various prices

Bauble Bar Bests!

I feel like I’m late to the Baublebar party – fashionably late! I’m loving everything and wanting all of it – best thing? Price point earrings for 10, they have it, necklace for 50 sure – it’s all good!


Diffuser & Oils — This one’s a little tricky. Stick to easy scents if you don’t know what people’s preferences are. I like the lemon grass!

$10.00 per vile (some blends run $35) and diffusers go from $10-$160.



I always like to give books I’ve read and were favorites of mine. I feel like it’s like you’re giving someone a piece of you.

Starbucks Travelers

So many cool new designs!



Cards Against Humanity


Download and print out for free – or buy for $25.00

Now don’t waste any more time! You already missed Black Friday AND Cyber Monday deals!.