Giving advice to drunk Cubs fans, a drink that’s really a joke, and the best pumpkin curry in London. This week on the podcast we talk to Kira Cook, host of the PBS show Islands without Cars about a rebuilt island in the North Sea, a memorable meal in the Netherlands, and how her husband used James Joyce to propose to her.

Show Notes:

Islands without Cars-Kira’s TV Show

Liverpool on Destination Eat Drink

Longman and Eagle for pretzels in Chicago

Penny’s Noodle Shop in Chicago

Lula’s Cafe for brunch in Chicago

Shaw’s Crab House in Chicago

Pizzeria Mozza in LA

Town Pizza in LA

Triple Beam Pizza in LA

Sweny’s Pharmacy in Dublin, made famous in Joyce’s Ulysses

Busaba eThai for pumpkin curry

Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island

Eiergrog a drink only for tourists

De Lindenhof famous two Michelin star restaurant in the Netherlands

Sir Hummus in Amsterdam