EP39: A Johnnycake that’s really a Journeycake, a pie made with raccoon, and 13 Thanksgivings. This week we’re exploring Native American Cuisine.

Show Notes:

Tomaquag Museum Native American museum and cultural center

2016 National Medal for Museum and Library Service

Indigenous Empowerment Network strives to eradicate poverty in the Indigenous Community of Rhode Island through education, cultural competency, job training, and employment at the Tomaquag Museum and an ever expanding network of partners.

John Christian Hopkins Narragansett journalist

The Purple Shell gallery of master artist Allen Hazard

Rhythm and Roots Festival visit the Tomaquag Museum tent

Princess Red Wing founder of the Tomaquag Museum and activist for Native American causes.

Dovecrest Restaurant Native American restaurant famous for raccoon pot pie (now closed).

Journey Cakes now commonly called Johnny Cakes

Three Sisters planting method

Narragansett Food Sovereignty Initiative established to enable Narragansett people to provide food, health, and wellness through sustainable agriculture, economic development, community involvement, and cultural and educational programs.

Narragansett Tribe Pow Wow