We talk about exotic and unusual cuisine like volcanic tea from the Azores, Fillipino ice cream, and a Korean/Russian/Uzbecki fusion restaurant with Alex Mayyasi, editor of Gastro Obscura.

Show Notes:

Alex Mayyasi website

Gastro Obscura

Huitlacoche gourmet corn fungus I talk about on my website

Coffee Milk an obsession in Rhode Island

Saint Agatha cakes My post about Catania talks about these

Halo-Halo a popular Fillipino dessert

Eiffel’s secret apartment on Atlas Obscura

Violet Volcanic Tea on Gastro Obscura

Persian Ice Sandwich on Gastro Obscura

Koryo-saram Ethnic Korean group moved from Russia to central Asia

Cafe at your Mother in Law Koryo-saram restaurant in Coney Island

Rachel Laudan food historian

Kunis fermented mare’s milk from Mongolia

Haight Street Art Center museum with classic rock posters

The Science of Snobbery by Alex Mayyasi