Ashley Castellanos was working in the corporate world when she decided to chuck it and move abroad. She lived in 6 countries over 5 years before returning to the U.S. and pursuing her dream of creating engaging photography and video, especially in the world of vegan food. Ashley talks about the food scene in Portland including fried corn on a stick, vegan mac & cheese, and the best breakfast joints. Plus, Ashley shares some amazing spots for West African, Haitian, and Thai dishes. [Ep 217]

Show Notes:
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Vegan Ventures website
Vegan Night Market in Portland
Obon Shokudo
Vegan Dude Foods
Le Mai Plate
Maisha PDX
Flourish Plant Based food truck
Stretch the Noodle
Bing Mi
Kann Restaurant
Daily Fuel
Nectar Cafe
Blossoming Lotus
Junior’s Cafe
Top Burmese
Can Font
Cafe Nell
Victoria Bar
Brent’s story about Lisbon’s Graca neighborhood