Celebrate the 200th episode of Destination Eat Drink with Lizzie and Sam Bell from “Off the Beaten Path Food Tours” in Boston. Lizzie and Sam tell Brent about the breadth of international food in Boston like Greek, Peruvian, Brazilian, Salvadoran, and Mexican dishes. Plus we brew beer on a ship, get a ton of craft beer recommendations, and take a quick side trip from Boston to Burlington, Vermont. [Ep 200]

Show Notes:

Off the Beaten Path food tours

Machu Picchu restaurant

Machu Chicken restaurant

Bow Market

Littleburg restaurant

Barra restaurant

Remnant brewery

Somerville Chocolate

Winter Hill brewery

Lamplighter brewery

Cambridge Brewing Co.

Grendel’s Den restaurant

Far From the Tree cidery

Idle Hands brewery

Trillium brewery

Night Shift brewery

Jack’s Abby brewery

PKL pickleball and cocktails

Honey Road restaurant

Farm House restaurant

Ben & Jerry’s factory tour

Myer’s bagels

Cafe Beirut

Bubble Nation

Lucia Ristorante

O Ya restaurant

I Am Jazz TV show