We’re revisiting some of our favorite conversations with Filmmakers and their movies about food. Gregory Kershaw and Michael Dweck, directors of “The Truffle Hunters,” tell us about penetrating the secret world of the Italian truffle. And they have some homemade wine along the way. Alice Gu, director of “The Donut King,” tells an amazing story that didn’t make it into her film. And, Ljubomir Stefanov talks about the shock of his movie “Honeyland” being nominated for an Academy Award. [Ep 174]

Show Notes:

Gregory Kershaw and Michael Dweck on Destination Eat Drink

The Truffle Hunters movie

Alice Gu on Destination Eat Drink

Alice Gu’s website

Stream “The Donut King” on Hulu

Stream “The Donut King” on Amazon Prime

Ljubomir Stefanov on Destination Eat Drink

Honeyland film websiteHoneyland movie available on Hulu, Apple TV, Amazon

Watts Towers story