We’re sampling liqueurs and spirits from around the world including Cachaça from Brazil, touring London’s gin scene, and a liqueur made by monks in Portugal. Plus, what to do when an unlabeled bottle shows up at your table in Croatia (hint, you drink it!)
[Ep 135]
Show Notes:
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Tom Le Mesurier on Destination Eat Drink
Noo Cachaçaria website
Rick’s podcast Minutia Men
Rick talking about Rovinj on Destination Eat Drink
David Cotter talking about London on Destination Eat Drink
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Monkey 47 Gin maker
Mercado Metropolitano Craft Gin producer in London
Lauren Aloise website
Lauren Aloise talking about Madrid on Destination Eat Drink
Giancarlo Iannotta movie My Country
Giancarlo Iannotta talking about Italy on Destination Eat Drink
Porto foodie tours at Taste Porto
Singeverga micro liqueur made by monks near Porto