Four Easy Steps to a Kick Ass Cinco de Mayo Party (ahem, Fiesta)

Step One: Tequila. No Mexican celebration would be complete without it. Serve it straight up, in a margarita or alongside a Mexican beer such as Corona or Modelo.

Here are 26 margarita recipes that are sure to please.

Step Two: Snacks. There is nothing worse than showing up to a house, drinking, with no snacks to be found. Plus, something needs to soak up all that that tequila. Keep it easy with chips, salsa and guacamole and a build-your-own taco bar.

Step Three: A Mexican. We all have at least one Mexican in our circle of friends. Invite them. If we know anything about Mexicans, they usually don’t travel alone. One invite and you will have a party full of authentic Mexican guests to really set the mood.

Music: Music is the key to break the ice at your party. Hit up Pandora for a Mexican channel. If not, just go Latin and throw on some Selena, Marc Anthony, JLo, etc. Your guests will already be buzzed and be none the wiser.