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The Mr Nailsin Show – Credible But Untrue!

EP275: Doug is sick so a selection of Incredible But True spots are presented. The spots were the inspiration for Perhaps But Maybe Not. Stories include “true” accounts of werewolves,abominable snowmen and ghosts.

The Mr Nailsin Show – Come And Go!

EP274: Doug, Red&Lefty talk about Trump’s visit to Louisiana,impeachment and Shepard Smith quitting Fox News. Lola and Biddy face the sick twisted motives of Overlord. Doug reviews the horror film “Mama.”

The Mr Nailsin Show – We’ll See What Happens!

EP273: Doug, Red & Lefty talk Trump Impeachment. A burglar steals a sex toy meanwhile in Florida a woman catches a couple having sex in her backyard. Baron Void meets Overman! Finally Doug talks about horror films The Exorcist and IT.

The Mr Nailsin Show – Blows And Whistles!

EP272: Impeachment blah blah blah…A Florida couple have sex in a cop car. Lefty praises his favorite Star Wars director…Baron Void and his companions get captured…Woman castrates her husband while in Louisiana a Florida woman bites a camel’s balls!

The Mr Nailsin Show – Happy Batman Day!

EP271: Lefty reads some climate change confessions. Captain America gets busted on burglary charge. In honor of Batman day Doug presents a new parody character called Bug-Man! Finally Doug talks about the lawsuit against Star Trek Discovery.

The Mr Nailsin Show – Speaking Of A Spokeswoman!

EP270: Auto host takes over and presents new segments of the Bayou Crime Report and a Night Knight classic!

The Mr Nailsin Show – White Trash Review!

EP269: A Florida man attacks a man over an un-flushed toilet while a Florida woman goes Stone Cold Steve Austin on her boyfriend’s ass. At Walmart an electric cart riding pervert exposes and fondles himself while stalking a woman. Baron Void and crew tackle a dinosaur.

The Mr Nailsin Show – Baron Void!

EP268: Doug re-introduces his Dr. Who parody with two episodes. Also another round of Bayou Crime Report featuring sick sad tales of sick sad people from Doug’s neighborhood.

The Mr Nailsin Show – Tangled Webs!

EP267: Doug, Red & Lefty discuss Doug’s potential Dr Who parody and Disney and Sony’s fight over Spider-Man. Meanwhile in a classic Night Knight episode The Pink Elephant escapes from prison to create a Reign Of Terror!

The Mr Nailsin Show – Cavities!

EP266: Doug talks about the death of Jeffrey Epstein. A man urinates on an ice maker. A handcuffed woman snorts dope hidden in a body cavity. Two homicide detectives investigate a mysterious girl in the debut episode of Captain Zeit Geist! Finally a woman hid stolen cash in a […]