The Mr Nailsin Show – Nanny Fanny!

Red & Lefty talk about the Trump indictment deal. A man requests sexual favors from babysitters. Sun King races against time to prevent the exposure of Night Knight’s secret identity. Doug and Lefty talk about rumors of the MCU film Captain America New World Order.” [EP457]

The Mr Nailsin Show – Rocket Action!

Lefty explores the wisdom of queer families. A topless woman breaks into a church to rip a Jesus statue off the wall. Night Knight and Bubo are at the mercy of Snakehead! Red reports on an indecent exposure case. Doug&Lefty talk rumors about Guardians Of The Galaxy 3.” [EP452]

The Mr Nailsin Show – Night Of The Videos!

Doug, Lefty & Red discuss videos of the police fatal beating of a Fed-Ex worker,the attack on Paul Pelosi and the Project Veritas Pfizer video. A woman sues a bar after she drunkenly blew up a 10 million dollar home. The military reports UFOs and Bug-Man attacks a creepy professor. […]

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