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Sports Dorks – Laying on the Floor

What if I told you that Scott and Andy do forensics on their recent draft where crimes were committed? Then they drink wine and watch General Hospital with some cougars and Professor Barbenfouillis.

Sports Dorks – Little Tiny Volkswagen Man

S3E4: Scott & Andy skip training camp and normal transitions to give a tip of the 40, hang with a sexual harassment bulldog, and make sure it gets properly brought. Or is it brung?

Sports Dorks – Logger Pants

S3E3: Scott & Andy visit Redlegs Patchouli, reminisce about Benny from “L.A. Law”, and much more. If there was ever an episode for Brooks’ kid, this is the one.

Sports Dorks – It’s NOT Puffer Fish

S3E2: Scott & Andy crash a quinceanera, do the Bus Stop, go to a clown party with a gorgeous hobo drifter woman and so much more. Gimme back my leg!

Sports Dorks – Mountain Mama

S3E1: Scott & Andy celebrate the new podcast season, visit the moon, and respect the format. Listen now, or wait until Bill Simmons steals our ideas!

Sports Dorks – Bubble Boy, Brah

EP247: Scott & Andy dick around on boogie boards, recap an ugly trip to Vegas, make butter sculptures andamore. Are you getting it? Farmageddon it?

Sports Dorks – Hotdog Expert Gambler Person

S2E45: Scott & Andy demand a letter of apology from #ScottSecco, who has been hashtagged because they are serious. Move that dirt and APOLOGIZE!

Sports Dorks – Andy’s Commentary Track for Frozen

S2E44: Hell froze over, and Andy finally watched Frozen. This is NOT for children. Synchronization instructions included. (Frozen / Copyright Walt Disney Co)

Sports Dorks – Which One Is Sven?

S2E43: Scott & Andy get Frozen in the summer? Cubs baseball in November? Hotwings or Football? These puzzlers, and much more

Sports Dorks – The Betrayal

S2E42: Scott & Andy, Mac Daddies, an underused Louie Anderson, Bronze Stalkers, a cruel and evil surprise, and so much more.