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Stephs In The City – Happy Thanksgiv’er, Eh

EP32: What’s Poppin, pick up lines from Canadian Conway Kootenay, Sex position of the day, 5 Things plus new music from Jen Miller and a lot more.

Stephs In The City – Not Clownin’ Around

EP31: It’s World Octopus Day! Aldi is selling a cheese advent calendar for the holidays. Male Birth control Pill – why are we still waiting? Plus new muisc (kinf of) from Syed Sabrina and a lot more!

Stephs In The City – Bitches Get Stitches

EP30: What’s Poppin’, Sex Position of the Day, 5 Things plus new music from Parmy Dhillon & The New Science and a lot more!

Stephs In The City – Feelin’ The Burn

EP28: What’s Poppin’, Sex Position of the Day, Dumb Criminals plus new music from Ember Oceans and a lot more!

Steph’s In The City – Outta Gas & Smokin’ Grass

Eddie Murphy to host ‘SNL’ for the first time in 35 years, Apocalypse Sperm Bank, Listener Feedback plus new music from Girl Gang and a lot more!

Stephs In The City – Return of the Music Show!

Due to life and the holiday we were unable to get it together this week but don’t worry we’ll be back next week! In the mean time enjoy this episode showcasing some of the great music submitted to us from all over the world!

Stephs In The City – Loyalty, Meth Vag & Bears, OH MY!

EP26: Strap in because the GIRS ARE BACK! Stories from Nashville and Canada along with What’s Poppin’, Sex Position Of The Day, music from Keanu Reefs and a lot more!

Stephs In The City – Music Show, Aug 2019

An episode featuring all of the great music that we’ve played over the last few months

1.    Go Go Boy- The Strays
2.    Way Down- Tom Prendergast
3.    Valentine- August Hotel
4.    Peace Of Mind- The LA Maybe
5.    Empty Nostalgia- Mystery Friends
6.    Unlucky 13- White Rabbit Object
7.    Mrs. Jones- Gnarcissus
8.    Schoolyard Bully- Sunshine […]

Stephs In The City – Hot Dog Flavored Kisses

EP25: Grasshoppers take over Las Vegas! Shelving Is the New Too-Busy-to-See-You Trend, Sex position of the day plus NEW MUSIC from The L.A. Maybe and a lot more!

Stephs In The City – Spirits, Leo Season and Cats, oh my!

What’s Poppin’? Top Gun 2- Maverick! Hotels, motels, Holiday Inn, Dumb criminals plus new music from Ralphy and a lot more!