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Shut It Down – There Will Be Family Blood

EP86: Whooo doggy! This…episode…is…freaking…wild! We travel to Blue Island, IL and find the most ratchet of bars…The Island Bar. Adam hired his ENTIRE FAMILY to work there. Special mention of a family member named “Pimp Juice”. There is so much here to unpack, which is why we got our […]

Shut It Down – Star Lite, Star Not So Brite

EP85: Taffertins! We are back at cha! We were on a little break but now we are back stronger than ever! On this magical run, we head to Glendora, CA to The Brightstar Tavern, a bar focused on selling beer and beer only…also selling a lot of foam too. […]

Shut It Down – The Jon Taffer Interview

EP84: Yeah; you read it right! We got our good friend Jon Taffer (@jontaffer) on the podcast! And boy did we talk about everything, Bar Rescue, NFL Sunday Ticket, Life and even comedy. It’s one you don’t want to skip over, in fact, you should play it twice. Be […]

Shut It Down – Crayons and Anger Lines

EP83: Yo…Taffertins…we have a #TBT! We got a write-in request and broke it down. We even brought in special guest Patrick Hastie(@PatrickHastie) to join us on this magical journey to Chicago to a bar called Underground Wunderbar. It’s run by a woman named Lonie, who saw a lot of […]

Shut It Down – Unwanted Saloon

EP82: Don’t get lost on this one Taffertins! Because Jon did trying to find this bar in Dickson, TN 25 miles away from Nashville. But when he does….boy oh boy is it a lot of craziness. A couple that “accidentally” bought a bar, a gentleman named Crockett who does […]

Shut It Down – Life, Liberty & The Pursuit Of Fatballs

EP81: Yeah Taffertins, that’s right. The name of the bar Jon is going to save is called “Fatballs.” And is only the beginning. Lucky for us we have Brian Allen Mitchell(@comicbam) as our guest to figure out where, to begin with, all of this. The owner, Tony decided to […]

Shut It Down – Operation Puerto Rico

EP80: Well Taffertins, we have a duty to report here. Life isn’t all Jon yelling at everyone and bringin the pain. On this journey, we head to Puerto Rico, which has been ravaged by Hurricane Irma AND Maria. We visit a bar El K’Rajo owned by Victor & Janet. […]

Shut It Down – Fish Out Of Blue Water

EP79: Oh. My. God! This episode is one for the books, to say the least. Thank God we had a friend of the show Brand Collins to break this down. It had everything…yelling, crying and Lil Jon! What more do you need? We travel to Jacksonville Beach, FL to […]

Shut It Down – Not Cleared For Takeoff

EP78: Hello there Taffertins! This summer is bringing the heat and so are we with this scorching episode. We travel to Los Angeles to the iconic bar/venue The Airliner which has been home to an amazing list of performers. This list is only rivaled by the list of problems […]

Shut It Down – Phishing For Answers

EP77: It’s another catch of an episode comin to you! On this magical ride, we go to Lake City, FL to a bar called Phish Heads. The bar owners are a husband and wife who are at wits end with their son James, who has been in charge for […]