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Shut It Down – Rock N Roaches

Oh…my dear God. This episode has to be one of the grossest and nastiest bars we have ever seen in our Bar Rescue coverage. I know it was for Jon as he heads to Austin, TX to a bar called “Headhunters.” It’s owned by a delusional maniac named Steve. […]

Shut It Down – Turtle On It’s Back

We have our special guest, bartending veteran and hilarious comic Kendra Cunningham (@theotherkendra) at Jim Jam Studios ready to talk some Bar Rescue with the team. On this ride, we head down to the Big Easy to a bar called Turtle Bay owned by Brad. Brad is easily the […]

Shut It Down – Tiki Curse

Man! This episode truly had it all. We travel to Fort Lauderdale to a wonderful establishment called “Bamboo Tiki Bar.” Bear witness to subpar looking white women pretending to be attractive, a sleazy owner who bought it and an unstable kitchen manager who was ready to beat the crap […]

Shut It Down – Broke Black Sheep

Happy New Year Taffertins! We are kicking off the New Year the only way we know how…by bringing you another classic gem from the Bar Rescue Library. This episode we head to Cheviot, OH to a watering hole called “The Black Sheep.” It’s owned by a gentleman named Scott, […]

Shut It Down – Bottomless Pit

We are in triple digits, my friends! And boy is it an action-packed episode. Our good friend Andres (@8_Track_III) is in the booth with us ready to head to Orange County, CA to a bar called “The Olive Pit.” The owner Tim is a part-time owner and full-time creep. […]

Shut It Down – Phil Wills

The Phil Wills Interview- HERE IT IS! We got legendary Bar Rescue expert Phil Wills (@thephilwills) in an exclusive interview. That’s right Taffertins! We got the chance to talk about Phil’s history in the bar game, his acting career and his philosophy on life. By all means, download this […]

Shut It Down – Owner Outed

Taffertins…we go episode 99 on deck…1 away from the big, huge, gigantic 100th episode. On episode 99 we head to Fairfield, OH to a very confused former biker bar hangout called “Win Place Or Show.” The cause for the confusion? The sign in front of the bar is a […]

Shut It Down – Mystique Or Murder

It’s a real zinger of an episode for sure. We take a trip down south to West Palm Beach, FL to find the Mystique Lounge. It was a hot night spot…until…well…a murder. Did the new owners decide to change the name? Over their dead body! Check this and many […]

Shut It Down – Weber’s Of Lies

Episode97: Hey there! We are back at it! Come get some of this fresh retro episode. We jump into a “new” season and head to Reseda, CA to a bar called Weber’s Sports Bar…which used to be a strip club…which still has a giant set of lips in it. […]

Shut It Down – Chumps

Episode96: Yo Taffertins! Don’t be a Chump…be a Champ and download this episode! We head to Burbank, CA to the iconic Champs, a bar owned by a man Joe who considers his thievin bartenders his “children.” Which we all know means there will be no accountability for them when […]