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Shut It Down – Twerkin 9 To 5

EP115: It’s on and poppin Taffertins! On this delightful trip, we head to Antioch, TN to Crossroads Bar And Grille. This twerkin tavern is owned by Ashley and Robert, who are at wit’s end with their unruly, drinkin, swearin full-on mess of a staff. With staff members like Bunz(with […]

Shut it Down – Owner On The Run

EP114: It’s on again Taffertins! We are back at it again…this time we head to Tuscon, AZ for more Bar Rescue recappin. The bar is called The Original Hideout and is owned by Ramiro, a lawyer who passed the bar but has no experience running one. To double down […]

Shut It Down – Don’t Cry For Me Jon Taffer

EP113: Good Lord Taffertins! We have another hot mess on our hands. On this majestic ride, we head to Tuscon, AZ to meet the owner of RJ’s Replays. He is a man who is, well a complete and total crybaby. As you might guess, this does not do well […]

Shut it Down – Dalia’s Inferno

Holy crap Taffertins! Man, this episode really fires on all cylinders…so much so we had special guest Teresa Degaetano (IG: @teresadegaetano) in the booth with us to break this down. We travel to Texas…the Lone Star state…more specifically San Antonio…more specifically Country Nights. A bar owned by a ball […]

Shut It Down – The Lights Come Back In Puerto Rico

EP111: Here it is Taffertins! The moment we have all been waiting for…the season premiere! We head back to Puerto Rico to the bar/restaurant Shibo, a Puerto Rican/Asian fusion joint. It’s run by a man named Jonathan, who surprisingly is an amazing chef…not your typical Bar Rescue episode. Come […]

Shut It Down – In A Pinch

EP110: Taffertins! We got another banger for ya! We heading to Long Beach, CA(home of Snoop Dogg) to the bar Lona’s Warlow Station…owned by, you guessed it, Lona! She worked in the bar scene for 30 years and said, “let me hire my friends and regulars to run this […]

Shut It Down – Jon T, He Don’t Like It

Here we are Taffertins! On this go around we have a good friend of the show Aaron Kominos-Smith (@funnyaaron) in Jim Jam Studios to help break down this episode. We head right outside Denver to a lovely bar Kasbah to meet Shelton, a cat daddy who lost his fight. […]

Shut It Down – Empty Pockets

Here we are Taffertins! Another exciting installment of your favorite podcast about your favorite television show, Bar Rescue. We are talkin about a lovely establishment called “Zanzbar” which has, you guessed it, the crown of the Statue Of Liberty in it. Cross-branding? Sure! It’s run by a man named […]

Shut It Down – Tears For Beers

EP107: Yo Taffertins! We are back at it…down in the Lone Star State. We head to Austin, TX to a punk bar called The Brixton. It’s run by a husband and wife, Tim and Sara. And boy if Tim isn’t just a ray of sunshine!(read: sarcasm) He doesn’t like […]

Shut It Down – Bro’s Got To Geaux

Good morning/evening/afternoon Taffertins! We head down to The Big Easy on this episode to a college bar called TJ Quills. It’s by a wayward gentleman named Darian who made the infinitely silly decision to hire all of his childhood friends to help him run the bar. A full-scale recipe […]