Misfits Makin’ It – Living Drag Fabulous w/ Kevin Aviance

In this episode, drag queen and artist Kevin Aviance discusses his life in art. He reflects on the impact of his music and his journey of self-discovery and resilience, including his decision to move to Florida after a hate crime incident. He emphasizes the importance of forgiveness, personal growth, and […]

Misfits Makin’ It – Trailer

With a penchant for irreverently heartwarming humor, comedian Lauren LoGiudice (“fierce” -NYT) thoughtfully interviews fellow misfits. You’ll meet creatives from SNL, Netflix, Late Nite, Comedy Central, The New Yorker, Vanity Fair – and more!, as well as indie musicians, comedians, writers, artists, and entrepreneurs. What we have in common: we’re […]

RTA – Rossilynne Culgan (Time Out New York)

“People here [in NYC] are nice believe it or not ….people are just busy. If you live in New York you’re always hustling from place to place, so it’s not that you’re mean, you’re just on a mission.” – Rossilynne Culgan

Today I interviewed Rossilynne Culgan from Time Out New York

In […]

RTA – Emily Walsh (Peacock, Stand Up NY)

“[COVID] gave a lot of people the opportunity to reflect if doing something is worth it.” – Emily Walsh

Today I interviewed comedian Emily Walsh

In this episode we speak about:

• Going to (and surviving) Catholic school
• Comedy in the after time, including festivals and THE HANG
• Her podcast Alone at Lunch

Then […]

RTA – Best of Stupid People

STUPID PEOPLE – it’s your favorite segment of the podcast. So we put all these gems into one episode for your listening pleasure. How it works: My dad, a Bensonhurst, Brooklyn native, tells us the stupidest person he saw that week and we rate their stupidness in rectums. [EP235]

RTA – Chris Demarais (Rooster Teeth)

“It can be debilitating if you get stuck on one project and you’re like it has to be perfect … and then the universe doesn’t align perfectly.” – Chris Demarais

Today I interviewed Chris Demarais of Rooster Teeth

In this episode we speak about:

RTA – Max Miller (Aunty Donna)

“A good thing to do is not try to fix things when they’re broken, staying a head of the curve when times are pretty good using that as a time to check in.” – Max Miller

Today I interviewed Max Miller of Aunty Donna

In this episode we speak about:

RTA – Rosa Escandon (Forbes, Buzzfeed)

Today I interviewed Rosa Escandon

In this episode we speak about how:

  • Creating coming out of the pandemic
  • Her podcast giving psychic life advice
  • Hoarding and how she took on the subject in an upcoming novel

Then my character Melania asks how she can get on Rosa’s show and we end up […]

RTA – Mike Diva (SNL)

“The most important thing with doing anything in this industry is learning to treat everything as a learning opportunity, not getting bitter about it, and growing thick skin and not letting it get to you. ” – Mike Diva

Today I interviewed Mike Diva (SNL)

In this episode we speak about how:

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