Reconcile the Aisle Episodes

RTA – Are Video Games the Problem? With Josh Boykin

“We’re now starting to see more people be able to use their voices in the [gaming] space. And the space as a whole is changing as people see that the stories of marginalized people are stories that everyone can relate to regardless if whether or not they have that specific […]

RTA – “That’s Not Okay” With Neil Rubenstein

“I don’t judge people on their sins. People make mistakes in their lives and if you think you’re morally superior to someone else you’re out of your mind.” — Neil Rubenstein

Today my co-host Melania Trump interviewed Neil Rubenstein.

Neil Rubenstein doesn’t do drugs. He’s never had a sip of alcohol. So […]

RTA – Meditation For the Rest of Us With Justin Michael Williams

“When we can pause and can respond from a place of compassion, and a place of love, and a place of understanding, which is what meditation is all about … then you don’t have to react to somebody.” — Justin Michael Williams

Today I interviewed Justin Michael Williams. From growing up […]

RTA – Asking Real Questions With Oracle Dyana Valentine

“If we’re operating on a level of real, then there’s no question that we’re more effective at dismantling these systems of oppression within ourselves, within our family systems, within our local communities, and within our general societies.” — Dyana Valentine

Today I interviewed Dyana Valentine. Here’s a bit about her, in […]

RTA – The Power of Story Can Save Us: Interview With Novelist and Comic Dave Terruso

“There’s no real person you can straight-up demonize once you get to know them.” — David Terruso

Today I interviewed David Terruso. Here’s a bit about him:
Dave Terruso is a novelist and stand up comic based in Philadelphia. As a comic, Dave has opened for acts including Richard Lewis, Gilbert Gottfried, […]

RTA – Melania Interviews Dr. NYC: Psychologist Working With High Conflict Families

“When we focus on hearing each other everyone will feel heard.” — Dr. NYC

Today’s guest who we will call Dr. NYC for the purposes of this interview. She is a clinical psychologist who specializes in working with families and parents co-parenting after divorce and separation.

If you’d like to catch up […]

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