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RTA – Matthew French (Awesomely Authentic)

Today I interviewed Matthew French – Awesomely Authentic

In this episode we speak about how:

  • His journey to a career in Diversity and Inclusion with his organization Awesomely Authentic
  • Regional differences in queer communities
  • Job discrimination for LGBTQIA+ people

Then my character Gigi asks how to deal with being cooped up with people she […]

RTA – Matt Mazany (Gay of Thrones)

“At least for a few seasons I was in a room where I was the only straight cis white guy. And I think that every straight cis white should be in a room like that to see how that feels for a lot of people. ” – Matt Mazany

Today I […]

RTA – Alex Parks (Netflix)

“If someone’s watched this thing I think maybe their heart can be softened in some way but how do you get them to watch it in the first place. ” -Alex Parks

“There’s an old adage about film that to make a great film you’ve got to make it three […]

RTA – Felipe Torres Medina (Late Show with Stephen Colbert)

“The way to deal with rejection is to be sad for a few seconds, minutes, or however long it takes you, and then write something else.” – Felipe Torres Medina

Today I interviewed Felipe Torres Medina from Late Show with Stephen Colbert

In this episode we speak about how:

RTA – Michelle Bossy (Under a Lantern Lit Sky)

“I’m still interested in what’s going on emotionally for those people. Because that never goes away.” – Michelle Bossy

Today I interviewed Michelle Bossy, director of the feature film Under the Lantern Lit Sky.

In this episode we speak about:

RTA – Derek Gaunt (Former Hostage Negotiator and Negotiation Coach at The Black Swan Group)

“These conversations, whether you’re negotiating with an insurance company or dealing with Thanksgiving dinner, it’s all about how you sequence the conversation. ” Derek Gaunt

Today I interviewed Derek Gaunt, former FBI hostage negotiator and now negotiation coach at the Black Swan Group

In this episode we speak about how:

RTA – Christine Grimaldi (Vice, Vogue, SELF)

“I found there was this very rich tradition of Italian American anti-fascism, not just Italian anti-fascism, across the pond, but anti-fascism here. ” – Christine Grimaldi

Today I interviewed Christine Grimaldi who reports on reproductive policy and politics for outlets like VICE, Vogue, SELF Magazine, […]

RTA – Pleasure Syndicate – Scott Jacobson, Todd Levin, Jason Roeder, Mike Sacks, Ted Travelstead

“Writing with other people makes the solitary writing life a lot more fun, especially when it’s the same sensibility which is a rare thing.” – Mike Sacks

Today I interviewed Scott Jacobson, Todd Levin, Jason Roeder, Mike Sacks & Ted Travelstead. Authors of Sex: Our Bodies Our Junk and humor […]

RTA – Mike Sacks (Vanity Fair, The New Yorker, Randy: A Memoir, Stinker Let’s Loose!)

“It just comes down to a few things and that is: have a good attitude and get into it because you’re interested not for the money, and keep moving forward. Just keep moving and good things tend to happen. ” – Mike Sacks

Today I interviewed Mike Sacks

Mike Sacks works […]

RTA – Ross Buran (Gay of Thrones)

Ross Buran was born in San Francisco where he was confident he was excelling at sports. Eventually, he grew to realize his own mediocrity and set out to find answers in the Arts. He attended USC’s School of Theater and is a Writer/Actor and 3x Emmy Nominated Producer (Funny […]