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Ready, Set, Vent! – 02/11/15

"Candied Grapefruit For ALL!" - Andy goes down memory lane of Valentine's Day past, both happy and horrific.

Ready, Set, Vent! – 02/04/15

"Women Aren't Funny? Bitch, PLEASE." - Andy picks apart neanderthals who think women aren't funny

Ready, Set, Vent! – 01/28/15

"The RSV Sportsball-Free Super Bowl Spectacular" Andy films a commercial, gets arrested and blacks out in NYC

Ready, Set, Vent! – 01/21/15

"Knowledge Through Savage Mockery" - Andy debuts "Main Target" by being a dick and attacking a fellow podcaster on the network. Also, a trip to Texas and mysterious unexplained phenomena.

Ready, Set, Vent! – 01/14/15

#15 - "Je Suis Charlie" - Y'think Andy might have a few opinions about terrorists going after cartoonists and comedians? Maybe just a few? Also, California songs.

Ready, Set, Vent! – 01/07/15

#14 – “Tank You Veddy Much” – You know the drill by now: Abysmal NFL picks, Rambling, (Oh, the rambling.) Trippin’, 5 Things, and so much more. (HEY! If you can read this, tell a friend about the show.).

Ready, Set, Vent! – 12/31/14

#13 - "Prince and the Resolutions" - Talk of New Years resolutions, a surprising but positive emotional breakdown, bitching about Da Bears, and more!

Ready, Set, Vent! – 12/24/14

#12 - "Andy Ruins Christmas Music" - It's the RSV Holiday Spectacular Electric Jamboree Digital Celebration Festival of Lights... minus the lights.

Ready, Set, Vent! – 12/17/14

#11 - "Morpheous Schmorpheous" - Andy starts a feud, gets trapped in Alaska, gives Microsoft the ole' what-for, and so much more.

Ready, Set, Vent! – 12/10/14

#10 - "Da Elf On Da Shelf"- Andy gets a (tabletop) Christmas tree, visits Indiana, throws some love at Sam Kinison and Richard Lewis, and much more.