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The Stacey Prussman Hour

The Prussman Hour – Chad Zumock

Who’s Chad Zumock? After Stacey’s brief Twitter war with Chad. Stacey goes one on one with @chadZumock. We learn all about Cleveland’s 2011 eligible bachelor history, his intense loyalties, his enemies, what happened at The Roast of Kevin Brennan and more! #twitterwars #kevinbrennan #cleveland

The Prussman Hour – Misery Loves Company

Stacey and Angela  are Joined by Comedian Kevin Brennan @kevinbrennan666 of The Misery Loves Company podcast. Rob Saul and producer Adam . This is episode was recorded at The Comic Strip Live podcast studios. #donate #MLC #cohosts #patreon

The Prussman Hour – Tow Truck Adventures

Stacey And Angela on the eve of Stacey birthday talk about her weekend and the her tow truck adventure, #dead actors and athletes, #fangedmousedeer, disdain for people that call themselves #influencers, The peeping Jerkoff, country club wine #hermesbag incident. #happybirthdaystacey

The Prussman Hour – Adam Hunter from MTV?

Stacey and Angela talk about their post #Halloween antics, Stacey #hauntedHouse horrors, Angela’s nieces car wreck, what really happened on the #DFWM Don’t F$ck w/ Me Tour and more! [EP101]

The Prussman Hour – Send Me No Photos

Stacey and Angela discuss #twitter feuds, queens of the compound show at White Plains Comedy Show, Angela’s dislike for people sending her photos from places she isn’t invited, Halloween and #Baghdadi dead.

The Prussman Hour – Angela’s Insane Life

Stacey and Angela talk about the recent tragedy at the fair, missing children, Stacey interviews Angela’s co workers Christian and Robert. The discuss #queensofthecompound at White Plains Comedy Club October 25,2019 and more.

The Prussman Hour – 10/10/19

Stacey and Angela record after Stacey’s #yomkippur fast. The women discuss, #healthyeating, #artielange’s amazing sobriety and handsome looks, stacey’s sore hips, Angela’s newest weight loss contest, #mattLauer , #goodvibes music and more

The Prussman Hour – Our Side Of The Story

Stacey and Angela discuss the #kevinbrennanroast, and they discuss at length the incident post roast night at #TheStand comedy club. Stacey and Angela initially wanting to ignore it, but some #fakenews came out and they thought it was only right that they tell their side of the story. So […]

The Prussman Hour – Magic Box

Stacey and Angela go very deep into discussion of the #ShaneGillis #SNL outrage. They get deep into the discussion of #racism #sexism and their own experiences with it. They talk about how #Comedy is the place they have found healing.

The Prussman Hour – 09/04/19

Post Labor Day Show discuss Stacey and Angela are back with their new equipment! The discuss  Angela’s hives, #hannibalBuress old open mic comedy tape Stacey found and the story behind it . #forever21 stealing #arianagrande likeness. #popeyeschicken, the difference between an accent and a dialect and more