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The Old Young Ones – Bambi

Hands up who likes this episode? “The Young Ones” second season starts with a bang and Jon and Howie had so much to say about it, they didn’t let anyone else on the show. Why is this the greatest episode of “The Young Ones?” How do Emma Thompson, Hugh Laurie, […]

The Old Young Ones – Flood

The first season of “The Young Ones” comes to a close with some of the biggest swings yet. Jon and Howie welcome super-fan Joe Pakovits to the studio to discuss the Monty Python homages, comic book parodies and the characters that come out of nowhere. Plus, lion tamers, Narnia and […]

The Old Young Ones – Interesting

It’s episode 5 of “The Young Ones” and it’s time to throw a party! Michelle Sileo returns to discuss the huge supporting cast and why some of them are here, the origins of “Beavis and Butthead” and Rik’s mood swings between sycophancy and impatience. Plus, “The Muppet Show”, dueling hippie […]

The Old Young Ones – Bomb

This episode blows up, meaning it goes a full 90 minutes! Jon and Howie talk to radio personality Andrew Torres about how between the characters taking a moment to breathe, tighter transitions and self contained sketches, this may be the best episode of “The Young Ones” yet. Plus, Jon and Andrew’s days […]

The Old Young Ones – Boring

Is a lack of a plot a satire of plots themselves? Jon and Howie welcome “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” senior producer Michael Brumm to figure out how this episode works. Why is the most interesting place in the world a Renaissance Fair in a cave? What’s the story […]

The Old Young Ones – Oil

It’s moving day! Jon, and Howie welcome super-fan Michele Sileo to discuss the second episode, which is all about the boys moving into their permanent location, until it isn’t. The trio discuss the two separate episodes shoved together, the Muppet Show energy and why the two guys in the basement […]

The Old Young Ones – Demolition

The “Young Ones” introduces the show by destroying its only location! Jon and Howie discuss how the staginess of this episode is influenced by the live alt scene of London in the late 70s, how each performer is given their moment in the spotlight and how Nine Below Zero may […]

The Old Young Ones – Introduction

Who are The Young Ones, and why are Jon Clarke and Howie Weingarten talking about them 40 years later? Jon and Howie discuss the origins of the world’s first punk sitcom, which took a stage show approach in attacking the state of television and a scattershot structure to bring in […]

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