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Celebrity Interview – Politician, gay rights activist, and former actor, Fred Karger

Fred Karger is the first openly LGBTQ presidential candidate (Republican/2012), and someone who has been dubbed the World’s Greatest Party Crasher. Rick and Dave have an entertaining chat with him.  [Ep108]

Celebrity Interview – Best Selling Author Scott Turow

The author of legal thrillers like “Presumed Innocent” and “Burden of Proof”, Scott Turow joins Rick and Dave to discuss his new book “Suspect” plus the joys/pitfalls of dealing with Hollywood, his rock band, the Cubs, and the current state of the rule of Law.  [Ep103]

Celebrity Interview – Selling Dead People’s Things author Duane Scott Cerny

Duane has written two great books about his experience at the helm of a vintage store, Selling Dead People’s Things and Vintage Confidential. He has some great stories and shares them with Rick and Dave.  [Ep102]

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